APRIL 30, 11:00-3:15 PM - ROOM 2245 

Workshop: Intelligently Model and Hunt - Dylan Marcoux and Muhammad Muneer

During this workshop, the instructors begin by walking participants through an introduction to threat modeling and threat hunting by presenting an incident response case study detailing how a threat actor was able to successfully compromise a victim organization. Based on the case study, participants will apply their newly gained knowledge by threat modeling an application from the case study through an instructor-led workshop. Once the application is threat modeled, it is time to hunt for our threat scenarios via an instructor-led workshop on threat hunting. Intelligently Model and Hunt aims to be a practical introduction to collecting threat intelligence for the purpose of threat modelling and using our threat models to influence our threat hunts. 

REQUIREMENTS: Workshop participants will require a laptop that can support a modern web browser. Tools utilized as part of the workshop will be cloud-based and accessed through the browser. 

Dylan Marcoux

Dylan Marcoux is a Principal Consultant on the Mandiant Consulting team. Using his diverse experience across cloud security, application security, zero-trust implementation, containers and orchestration, Dylan helps guide organizations on how to better prevent, detect and respond to the latest cyber security threats.

Muhammad Muneer

Muhammad Muneer is a Senior Incident Response Consultant at Mandiant. As part of the Incident Response team, Muhammad works on incident response engagements, compromise assessments, and threat hunting engagements. As part of the Strategic Services team Muhammad has delivered Security Program Development and Transformation engagements, with a focus on Incident Response Preparedness and Ransomware Response/Defense, for Canadian and multi-national organizations. Muhammad is also the global lead at Mandiant for the Threat Hunting service developing and delivering threat hunt engagements as well as threat hunt program development and training.