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We Are Drowning in Data and Barely Anyone is Looking at It!

Micah Lee

Micah Lee is a security engineer, software developer, journalist, and author. He recently worked as Director of Information Security at the nonprofit newsroom The Intercept. He’s an advisor to the transparency collective Distributed Denial of Secrets, a Tor Project core contributor, and he used to work for Electronic Frontier Foundation. He did opec for journalists while Edward Snowden was leaking NSA docs to them.

He’s the author of Hacks, Leaks, and Revelations: The Art of Analyzing Hacked and Leaked Data, a hands-on book that teaches journalists, researchers, and activists how to download, research, analyze, and report on datasets. He also develops open source security tools like OnionShare and Dangerzone. 

Website: https://micahflee.com/

Bluesky: https://bsky.app/profile/micahflee.com

Mastodon: https://infosec.exchange/@micahflee