BSIdes Vancouver 2018


Brought to you by:

Compass Security





We’re excited to announce we’ll be running a CTF competition as part of BSides Vancouver 2018. The CTF will be hosted on the Hacking Lab platform and will run from 8am Monday to 4pm Tuesday (12-13 March 2018).

 For support join the MARS Community Slack channel #bsidesctf2018. Not on our slack channel yet? Sign up here.


1. Create an account on the Hacking Lab platform:
2. Register for BSides Vancouver 2018 CTF using this link:
3. Some challenges require VPN access, use LiveCD provided by the platform to connect.

Find detailed instructions in the attached document. Challenge grading is not automatic, you might experience delay between submitting the answer and getting the points, especially after hours.

**Please note**

Participation is limited, to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone:

•   Register right away!
•   Don’t register unless you’re planning to participate, you might be taking someone’s spot.

*There will be prizes for the winning team(s)!*

We’d like to thank Compass Security, the creators of the Hacking Lab, for sponsoring this event.

Happy Hacking!