Crypto Miners in the Cloud

Teri Radichel

Attackers are leveraging other people's resources in the cloud to help them make money via cryptocurrency mining. Come learn about how these crypto miners are getting onto targets, what they look like, indicators of compromise, and how to prevent your resources from participating in crypto mining without your consent. If you do want to perform crypto mining in the cloud you'll get some tips for that as well.

Speakers Bio: Teri Radichel taught herself BASIC on a TI99/4A in sixth grade. Her first technical job involved telecom and networking. She obtained a master of software engineering, founded a software and hosting business, and began researching security. At Capital One Investing she led a back-office engineering team and then helped with cloud migration and security automation. At WatchGuard she architected a platform based on her paper, Balancing Security and Innovation with Event Driven Automation. As Director of Security Research, she worked on M and A, research, presentations, and writing. Radichel holds multiple certifications and received the SANS 2017 Difference Makers Award. She is an AWS Hero, Seattle AWS Architects and Engineers Meetup Founder, and assists with SANS cloud classes.