Stephen Mathezer

11:30-12:30 PM - TRACK 4, ROOM 1700


If when you are faced with a technical problem, it just seems to solve itself, then this talk may not be for you. Otherwise, join me to learn more about an incredibly important and often under-evolved skill for cybersecurity practitioners. You likely have access to a tremendous number of tools and endless data to look at. What are some different approaches to solving security, application, and business problems? Why aren't these skills taught? How can you learn and approach them?  Calling on real situations as examples, I'll talk through the many approaches and the ways that I've had success solving business and technology problems as the security guy.

Stephen Mathezer

Armed with over 20 years of experience in various security roles, Stephen is an esteemed security practitioner, boasting expert level knowledge of operating system and network internals enabling him to architect, implement, support and manage a wide variety of security solutions. A strong believer in maximizing existing solutions and capabilities before seeking new technology solutions, Stephen uses all the tools at his disposal to help enterprise customers reduce business risk and improve their security posture.  

His experience leading both operational and architectural security teams while securing and segregating industrial control networks in a sizeable oil and gas environment has given him a strong understanding of real-world security challenges. With many additional years of experience performing security assessments and penetration tests, Stephen understands the many ways in which an organization can be compromised and continues to work with customers to enhance their visibility, detect and respond to threats. 

Stephen holds many cybersecurity certifications and is currently a SANS Certified Instructor, the leading provider of information security training.