Shira Shamban & Vandana Verma

2:00-2:50 PM - TRACK 3, ROOM 1420/1430


Cloud Native Application Security is becoming the next important thing. Most of the organizations are moving towards cloud, it is imperative to secure the environment and application security. What can really help organizations with this is Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP)? and Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAP).  Cloud security space is so busy and organizations are still trying to figure out if they need to have CNAP and CWAPP. There are some similarities and a lot of differences. it is very difficult to judge what suits the best.

In the talk, we will be discussing what these buzzwords are, the case study on how we help the organization managing the cloud infrastructure. At the same time, we will be sharing a framework for you to select which one CNAP or CWPP is best for you. Not to miss, some tales from the industry where Infrastructure meets exceptionally well with Applications based in the cloud. At the end, we will be sharing the open source tools that can help organizations scale in the cloud.

Shira Shamban

Shira Shamban is a cybersecurity expert with a focus on cloud security. Currently, she is the co-founder and CEO of Solvo, a platform for automated data and cloud infrastructure security. Shira started her professional career in cybersecurity as a military officer in the elite intelligence unit 8200. Shira strongly believes in empowering women and under-represented communities in the world of technology. She volunteers as a lecturer and a mentor in forums such as SheCodes, Cyber Ladies and Women in AppSec. Shira started the local mentoring program Security Diva, she’s an AWS Community Builder and is the co-chair of OWASP Israel.

Vandana Verma

Vandana is a Security Relations Leader at Snyk with a current focus on DevSecOps. She has extensive experience in Application Security, Vulnerability Management, SOC, Infrastructure Security and Cloud Security. Vandana is a seasoned speaker and trainer. She presented at various public events ranging from Global OWASP AppSec events to BlackHat events, to regional events such as BSides events in India. She is on the OWASP Global Board of directors. She also works in various communities towards diversity initiatives such as InfosecGirls, InfosecKids and WoSec. She is a recipient of multiple awards and is listed as one of India's top women leaders in technology and cybersecurity.