Mrigakshi Goel & Payal Sondhi

12:10-12:30 PM - TRACK 2, ROOM 1400/1410


Are you a job seeker struggling to find employment during the current tech recession? If so, you're not alone. The economic downturn has caused many companies in the tech industry to implement hiring freezes and lay off employees, creating a fiercely competitive job market.
During the talk, we'll highlight the importance of creating a solid personal brand and online presence to make a favorable impression on potential employers. By the end of this talk, attendees will have a comprehensive understanding of the current state of the tech industry and actionable insights and strategies to succeed in their job search.
Whether you're a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, this talk will provide valuable advice and guidance to help you navigate the complex tech recession and secure your desired position. So you can take advantage of this informative presentation - join us and learn how to navigate the stormy job market successfully.

Mrigakshi Goel

Mrigakshi is passionate about speaking for cybersecurity and following best practices to create a cybersafe world. She is currently working at Finning International as an Information Security Engineer and has worked in Application Security at Optiv, Bugcrowd and Accenture in the past. With about 10 years in the tech industry and Masters' in Cybersecurity, she is here in the panel to talk about developing a strong job profile and leveraging your network to land the next job opportunity.

Payal Sondhi

Payal is a highly skilled cybersecurity analyst with extensive experience in protecting organizations from cyber threats. With a master's degree in cybersecurity, Payal has a deep understanding of the latest cybersecurity technologies and techniques.

Payal’s expertise in the field of cybersecurity is evident from their work in a variety of roles over the years, including as an analyst, and forensics researcher. In her current role as a cybersecurity analyst, Payal is responsible for identifying and mitigating potential cyber threats, conducting risk assessments, and implementing security measures to safeguard their organization's systems and data.