Morgan Dapilly & Rossilyne Tan

2:00-2:50 PM - TRACK 2, ROOM 1400/1410


We are aware that phishing is a threat, we understand how it works, and most of us have  even invested on cybersecurity tools to prevent our colleagues and ourselves from falling prey to phishing. Yet it remains as the leading infection vector to this day. Why and how are we still vulnerable to phishing?

Join Morgan Dapilly (Manager of IT Security at City of North Vancouver) and Rossilyne Tan (Vice-President, ISACA Vancouver Chapter) to learn about the effectiveness of phishing and strategies on how to avoid becoming a victim of it.

Morgan Dapilly

Morgan is a cybersecurity practitioner with a background of network and security administration accumulated for the last 15 years. His transcontinental experience consists of a variety of industries including gaming, energy, IT consulting, advertising, and public sector.

As City of North Vancouver’s Manager of IT Security, Morgan has a passion for advocating a cooperative approach to cybersecurity. He firmly believes that it takes a village to effectively manage cyber risks and threats. 

Away from his work, Morgan loves staying physically and mentally active through biking, hiking, and playing both video and boardgames.

Rossilyne Tan

Ross is an avid cybersecurity practitioner who focuses on bridging the gap between technology and its users. Her expertise lies in security awareness and endpoint protection. She often conducts speaking engagements to educate corporations on the current threat landscape and how to prevent users from falling trap on the latest phishing tactics. Her experience working in both the public and private sectors has shaped her approach in ensuring that her clients receive accurate and actionable security strategies.

In her spare time, she volunteers for ISACA Vancouver Chapter as the Vice President. Prior to that, she was the director of SheLeadsTech and the associate director of the Programs Committee. Her goal is to give back to the community that has inspired and empowered her to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the technology sector.