Julian Botham & Sukhpreet Singh

11:00-11:20 AM - TRACK 2, ROOM 1400/141


This session employs a hypothetical case study. We’ll explore the unfortunate story of a smaller municipality that suffers a serious ransomware attack. We’ll review their practices, find the gaps, and offer practical solutions and techniques to reduce risk. We will share with attendees our own checklists and a control placemat designed for small organizations to evaluate their programs. 

Julian Botham

Julian is an experienced penetration tester with a knack for finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities. With a background in cybersecurity, his expertise and enthusiasm has enabled him to effectively execute a range of tests for businesses across a multitude of industries. Dedicated to staying on top of the evolving cybersecurity industry, Julian is also proficient in risk management, incident response, and threat risk assessments. He’s a team player who is always eager to take on any project, no matter how difficult. Julian is an expert in his field, and his expertise has been invaluable in helping clients safeguard their businesses against malicious attacks.

Sukhpreet Singh

Sukhpreet Singh is a seasoned privacy risk consultant at Valencia. Before this, he was a public servant at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and Transport Canada. There he worked on developing robust privacy management programs and completing PIA’s.