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Sandwiches or Pizza? Incident Response Isn’t Just Technical…

Shelly Giesbrecht

Your organization has layers of security platforms protecting it, an Incident Response (IR) plan and playbooks should an incident occur, and a technically savvy team of security professionals to identify and resolve that incident. But can you actually handle an incident?

IR is more than just knowing the phases of the IR lifecycle, and being able to find a technical solution. An incident that spans hours, days, weeks, or even months will require the management and coordination of people, people, technology…and pizza. 

Shelly Giesbrecht, Managing Lead of the Cisco Security Incident Response Services team, will discuss the role of the Incident Commander, and critical pieces of the IR puzzle that are often overlooked by even Fortune 500’s. Along with some stories from the IR trenches, Shelly will talk about some of the “what not to do’s”, and introduce ways to improve your organization’s ability to run an incident including checklists and practical examples.

Speaker Bio: Shelly Giesbrecht is a Managing Lead for Incident Response with the Cisco Security Incident Response Services Team. 

After many years in the help desk/desktop support trenches learning her craft, Shelly has been focused on Enterprise Security Operations and Incident Response both as an employee, and as a consultant for the past..let's just say "several"...years.

She is a frequent contributor to the Cisco Security Blog and also writes her own blog - 

Shelly tries to learn one new thing every day, and is a firm believer in the bow-tie.