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Information Security in the Health/Academic Research Context

Scott Baker

Attempting to conduct important research securely on a shoestring budget, under unrealistic deadlines, with widely variable resources, across multiple organizations and employing random grad students for IT support. 

An exploration of how information security fits within the somewhat unique realm of academic research and crosses over into the health research landscape. This talk will examine the unique challenges associated with researchers collaborating across provincial and international borders; multi-institutional policies and governance; and what work still needs to be done in this arena.

Speakers Bio: Scott Baker from UBC Advanced Research Computing leads their sensitive research team. A group of privacy and security professionals focused on assisting researchers with effective and balanced solutions for safety and compliance. He is also the leader of the Canadian Association of Research Administrators IT SIG, represents WestGrid on the Compute Canada security council, and has over 20 years of experience managing people, projects, and systems. Scott has a passion for information security management and governance, having honed his experience from electrical engineering for regional and national fibre optic network provisioning and through web application development and project management of large scale infrastructure deployment.