Adventures in securing the DNS

Rob Williamson

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is Canada’s non-profit domain name registry keeping over 2.7 million domain names running with a 100% up-time. We also do good things for the Internet in Canada and that includes donating over $1 million annually to Internet projects and implementing a national(ized?) approach to security. We see that despite all the redundancy, backups, firewalls, endpoint protection, and more, that the bad guys keep wreaking havoc. 


This presentation will:

• Delve into the role of Canadian Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in providing an infrastructure resistant to DDoS attacks
• Review the architecture of CIRA’s authoritative DNS infrastructure in IXPs
• Introduce our latest peered cloud service, a policy-enabled recursive service that is currently protecting over 500,000 users across Canada giving us great Canadian data science
• Look at how we detect and block malware and phishing using the DNS.

Speakers Bio: Rob brings over 20 years of experience in the technology industry writing, presenting and blogging on subjects as varied as software development tools, silicon reverse engineering, cyber-security and the DNS. An avid product marketer who takes the time to speak to IT professionals with the information and details they need for their jobs. With CIRA he regularly analyzes malware and DDoS data and trends learned by running both authoritative and recursive DNS services handling billions of global queries.