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Security Operations as a Video Game

Rob Fry

The interesting and sometimes ironic parallels between the challenges of daily security operations and strategy video games created over the last 20 years can be compelling. In the enterprise, 90% of security employees play video games and 60% play on a daily basis. Taking into account current challenges in security, primarily hiring and lack of employees, what can security teams learn from those parallels? And what role do vendors play in helping to solve these challenges?

This presentation will cover those similarities and the challenges along with sharing my experience being involved as an enterprise employee, interactions with both academia and the video game industry and now as a vendor.

Speakers Bio: Rob Fry serves as Vice President of Engineering at JASK, where he leads the development of the JASK ASOC platform. Fry is an accomplished architect, inventor and public speaker with more than 20 years of experience specializing in SOC technologies, including security automation, threat detection, data analytics, machine learning, and cloud security. Prior to JASK, Rob was Senior Security Architect at Netflix, where he invented FIDO, a patented open source SIEM replacement platform for SOC-less operations. Prior to Netflix, Fry was Senior Server and Security Engineer at Yahoo, where he created the DUBS configuration and automation framework for production servers. In his free time, he enjoys guiding technology companies through growth as an active participant on customer advisory boards and engineering steering teams.