Malware Research Using OSINT and Open Source Tools: Empowering Everyone

Raul Alvarez

Track: TBD

The mystic world of malware research is clouded by fear of infecting oneself. It is never far from the truth. The good
news is, there are lots of information lying around in the web to help us out in our quest for information about a
specific malware. We just have to know where to look.

In this presentation, we are going to cover some available source where we can get intel on a given malware. We are
also going to look into some free downloadable system and tools to do your own research.


I am a Senior Security Researcher/Team Lead at Fortinet. I am a Lead Trainer responsible for training the junior AV/IPS analysts in malware analysis and reverse engineering. 

I have presented in different conferences like BSidesVancouver, BSidesCapeBreton, OAS-First, BSidesOttawa, SecTor, DefCamp, BCAware, AtlSecCon, BSidesCalgary, TakeDownCon, MISABC, InsomniHack, ShowMeCon, CircleCityCon, and HackInParis. 

I am a regular contributor to the Fortinet blog and to the Virus Bulletin publication, where I have published 22 articles.Wesley Wineberg is a member of the Azure Red Team at Microsoft (Azure is the Microsoft cloud). Prior to Microsoft, Wes has had various security roles, covering everything from web apps to SCADA systems. Known for being an expert on Bug Bounty ethics, Wes also enjoys black box analysis, pen testing, software, firmware and hardware reverse engineering.