Swarm Intelligence and Human Systems


What can the blue team learn from a colony of army ants? Swarm intelligence, a metaphor describing the behavior of decentralized systems, is a concept that we can apply to human systems to achieve an adaptive, collective intelligence that is greater than the sum of its parts.

In this talk, we will discuss the application of game theory and social engineering strategies for motivating and networking large groups of individuals. We'll also compare the security implications of this approach alongside traditional organizational models, with examples from the physical and virtual worlds.

Speakers Bio: Nancy Eckert (Pongolyn) is a systems analyst living in Seattle, Washington. She is also a champion strategist and team organizer for “roughly a thousand cats” in the augmented reality game of Ingress. She leads competitive team-based operations across the world, where she coordinates hundreds of agents under cover of secrecy to walk, bike, drive, climb, snowshoe, boat, fly, hack, and engineer their way to remote locations in order to score points for the game. She builds neural networks in her spare time.