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How to Secure Serverless

Matt Carolan

Have you heard about Serverless computing? It's the holly grail!

No more operating systems to worry about, no more patching, no more servers to manage, automatic scaling, balancing and failover, and more. All this removal of waste and increased efficiency means less worry about with security right?

Well not exactly. Actually if not done right it can mean things are harder to manage, harder to detect intrusions and can still mean you are vulnerable to many of the top 10 security risks.

In my talk I'll guide you through some best practice architecture for AWS and Azure serverless solutions and identify some fundamental areas you should focus on in order to keep your serverless environment secure.

Speakers Bio: Matt is a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, focused on Cloud for the last 10 years, with certifications and awards for his work with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. Based out of Vancouver he has worked with company's in the US such as Mcdonalds, NASA, and Hasbro as well as many more locally across Canada, preparing and helping them safely and successfully move to cloud. As a local cloud evangelist Microsoft has awarded Matt as an MVP for Azure for the last 3 years and Amazon as an AWS Ambassador, due to his work hosting the Public Cloud Usergroup in Vancouver and Seattle. You can find links to his Usergroups and Online content here at