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Policing Cyber in BC

Maleena Singh

Norton Cyber Security Insights Report (2016) states that in 2015 $1.9B (USD) was lost to CyberCrime in Canada with 26% (8.5 million Canadians) affected. The generalist, traditional policing techniques are not able to keep up with CyberCrime from major security breaches to the attack vectors of Ransomware, Doxware and Business Email Compromises.

The talk provides insight on Policing structure within Canada, and initiatives being implemented at a National level. To dispel some myths within the Community, time will be spent on how police respond to Cyber Security Incidents. Gone are the days of all computers being seized and the businesses losing their valuable resources while the investigation progresses. The BC Tech Crime Unit has formulated a CyberCrime strategy for our Province of which a major component is Partnership Development. Policing lacks the expertise and resources to tackle this problem alone, and partnerships with the Cyber Security Community, Private Industry and Academia is the only way forward

Speakers Bio: Maleena Singh works with the Cyber Investigative and Analysis Team, which is part of the RCMP's E Division Tech Crime Unit. One of Maleena’s primary roles is to develop and maintain strong partnerships with Private Industry and Academia, as well as Government and Law Enforcement Agencies. Within the Cyber community there is a strong understanding that no one entity is able to battle cybercrime, and cooperation is the only way forward. She is a strong proponent of this belief and the partnerships she has developed have already assisted in investigations and identifying cybercrime trends. Maleena is also responsible for identifying the needs and providing assistance to frontline law enforcement within BC using the limited resources available.