Network Monitoring For Fun and Profit

Jeremy Cohoe

Track: TBD

This talk covers the hardware and software components that are available on a budget and by utilizing free and open source software stacks for the purpose of network monitoring and visibility. Focussed on the home lab or consumer environment but scalable to the enterprise, the solutions discussed show a glimpse of what is possible to become familiar with virtualized networks, threat hunting on the LAN, and network visibility for troubleshooting. Come learn about some technology and open your eyes to the possibilities within!

Speakers Bio:

Jeremy loves technology and started playing with Slackware Linux back in the early 2000's. This passion for open source technologies and solutions continues today and was the basis for a 2015 BsidesVancouver talk on the ELK stack. Now specializing in RF and Wireless, Enterprise Networking is not only a hobby but has lead to full time employment. Sharing ideas and collaborating with the local security community has been very rewarding, and events like this are a great way to remain connected with an amazing group of hackers.