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Hunting for Web Application Vulnerabilities

Jeevan Singh

Have you ever wanted a hack a website (legally)? Did you want to see the types of vulnerabilities which bad guys exploit? This limited availability workshop will go through a purposefully vulnerable website and show you the different ways that individuals with malicious intent will look to do harm. After a brief introduction into various web application vulnerabilities, you will get your hands dirty and find vulnerabilities yourself. 

This workshop is meant for learning and best suited to those that are new(ish) to web application vulnerabilities. We will have several volunteers available to help out, the whole point of the workshop is for you to spend ample time actually HACKING and understanding the various web application vulnerabilities.

Requirements for the workshop:

  • Must be able to have fun

  • Laptop with wifi

Speakers Bio: Jeevan Singh is a Senior Security Engineer for an HR software company, where he is embedding security into all aspects of the software development process. Jeevan enjoys building security culture within organizations and educating staff on security best practices. Jeevan is responsible for a wide variety of tasks including: architecting security solutions, working with development teams to resolve security vulnerabilities and building out security features. Before life in the security space, Jeevan had a wide variety of development and leadership roles over the past 15 years.