Hack the Gibson with Metasploit

Guru Shiva

Want to learn the world’s most popular penetration testing framework but never had time? This immersive workshop is your chance to get up to speed with Metasploit and go from zero to hero in one day!

We’ll cover - getting Metasploit up and running, Metasploit modules and their options, scanning with Metasploit, dropping payloads, popping your first Meterpreter shell, Metasploit for privilege escalation, pivoting with Meterpreter, what’s new in Metasploit 5.

Speakers Bio: Worked through the ranks of technical support, system analyst and system administrator, he now works as a security consultant for ElevatedPrompt. Curious about all things technology, you may find him dabbling away in Machine Learning, hardware hacking and occasionally ranting about his passion for Hummus.
Eat All The Hummus, Hack All The Things!