PIE—An Active Defense PowerShell Framework

Greg Foss

Phishing is often the bane of a security analyst's existence. Even with all of the fancy tools in place, organizations still have to be prepared to handle targeted attacks, scams, generic spam, and more as they continue to reach end users. The toughest part is the fact that analyzing, tracking, and reporting on these attacks is a massive time sink - costing organizations valuable time and money.

The Phishing Intelligence Engine (PIE) is an open source toolset to help streamline and automate the entire process of tracking, analyzing, and responding to phishing emails, without the need for commercial software.

Speakers Bio: Greg Foss is LogRhythm’s Head of Global Security Operations, where he is tasked with leading both offensive and defensive aspects of corporate security. His team drives product research and development from the front lines, consistently focused on improving defensive capabilities. Previously, he was a Senior Researcher with the Labs Threat Intelligence team – presenting research at various information security conferences, such as BlueHat, DerbyCon, Black Hat, BSidesLV, AppSecUSA, and others. Greg is a very active member of the Denver, Colorado information security community who loves to give back and support the industry however he can.