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Intelligent Threat Hunting

Dhruv Majumdar

Continuous threat hunting is a proactive approach to identifying threats within the environment while adopting the assumption of breach mentality. Find out why threat hunting is important and learn some key points when implementing threat hunting in your organization. This talk will cover how to become an effective threat hunter and where to get started; the difference between the traditional SOC approach versus active threat hunting solution; incorporating threat intelligence into your daily hunts; and what is required in a successful threat hunting platform. Using one of the most rampant threats in 2018, the Emotet campaign, Dhruv will showcase how active threat hunt can help identify potential compromise within your environment.

Speakers Bio: A seasoned infrastructure and security monitoring professional, Dhruv Majumdar is ElevatedPrompt’s Threat Hunting division technical lead, and is a prime adversary researcher. Dhruv’s previous experience as an enterprise SIEM architect, strategic advisor, and ICS network and core infrastructure monitoring team lead continues to pay dividends through his guidance of our MDR Threat Hunting Team.