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Security is a Mission not an Intermission

David Balcar

Turn off your mobile phone, put down your tables and hear about real world data breaches (not just the big ones that make the 5 O'clock news) but also the APT's causing the greatest harm. How quickly could your organization be breached? How could you help? Please join our special guest, David Balcar a globally recognized security professional, as he will share with you real world experience in the world of cyber security and remember kid "Security never takes a holiday." (oh feel free to tweet!) Be sure to check out some of the latest tools to compromise networks.

Speakers Bio: David is a security veteran with over 18 years’ experience in conducting Security Research, network Penetration testing, Incident Response and Computer Forensics. David is a regular featured speaker at Security Conferences worldwide, presenting on subjects including security trends, penetration testing, top threats and network security hardening. At Carbon Black, David is a Security Strategist responsible for the presales activities of the Carbon Black portfolio that includes: CB Response, CB Protection, CB Defense, CB ThreatHunter CB LiveOps & CB ThreatSight.