Cloud Security Panel 

You’ve all heard it by now.  There is no future without cloud.  Whether you like it or not that’s where all your services are going.  Your choices are to embrace cloud or be obsolete. The question remains how are you going to get assurances cloud providers are doing enough to protect your data?  Cloud solution providers are unable to customize their services for clients.  How are you going to ensure your users know what they need to be doing to use the controls the providers offer?  Your users need training on how to protect workloads.  Do you even know what data is in the cloud?  Your organization needs to classify your data to adopt cloud responsibly.  And then there are issues around identity, key management, and incident response in the cloud that will kill you next.   Attend this panel if you’re going to have a hope of surviving cloudmageddon.



Gary Perkins

Executive Director, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Province of British Columbia


Andrew Bobic

Technical Product Manager at Vancouver Airport Authority (YVR)


Farsha Abasi