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Cryptography 101

Brodie McRae

This is a demystifying talk for new enthusiasts, and a solid refresher for the experienced. Encoding, encryption, hashing, and sexy curves.

How do two systems that don’t know each other and have never spoken have a secure conversation impervious to peering eyes? We’ll talk about key exchanges, cipher suites, what it all means and how it all works. Let’s dive into cryptography fundamentals! Warning: >0 maths

Speakers Bio: Brodie is a Vancouver-based privacy and security specialist with over a decade of security experience in enterprise, SaaS, and telecommunications. He’s particular interested in cryptography, radio, and secure communications. When he isn’t hacking or trying to answer the question of why tinfoil is only shiny on one side, you’ll likely find him brewing, drinking, or talking about beer and zymurgy.