BSIdes Vancouver 2018

ELITE Hacker Badge

Made Possible By:

Ahead Designs and Active Electronic MFG




In less than three months we designed, prototyped (sort of), manufactured and assembled this year's hacker badge. As with all great feats accomplished in less than three months, there were trials and tribulation. However, with the support of a few community members and our local manufacturing partners we are proud to say our badges work and they are awesome!


About the Badge?

Each badge is a member of one of three teams: Red, Green and Blue. On boot your badge will light up with the top green and the bottom "2018" will illuminate with your team's colour. As you will notice there is a button and an IR transmitter and receiver! What do you think that does?


Hack the Planet!

These badges have been programmed to spread your team's "virus". To attack another team you need to come into IR range and fire an attack by pushing the button at the front. Let's see which team infects the conference with their colour!



The badge is hackable and details on the badges internals are in the PDF below. You will need to cut the face plate out and connect with a JTAG connector.


Happy Hacking!