Threat sharing with OpenDXL

Antoine Bouchard

Antoine will introduce the audience to the OpenDXL (Data Exchange Layer), an open sourced project sponsored by McAfee to facilitate threat sharing between disparate systems in your security ecosystem.  Your security posture will be maximised when all security elements in your architecture share threat information in a vendor agnostic way, the DXL ensures simplified, secure, resilient communications between systems, building the foundation of a security communication fabric.

Speakers Bio: Antoine Bouchard is a security professional with over 17 years of IT experience. 
His experience includes a variety of roles including Software Engineering, software architecture, 
network administration, network architecture and network engineering. He spent the last 9 years with a telecommunications vendor building and deploying solutions for network policy control, network security and deep packet inspection. Today he's a solutions engineer with McAfee LLC focused on protecting the endpoint, 
protecting the cloud and increasing vendor integrations. He holds a computer engineering degree
from the University of Waterloo.